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I’m not sure if my definition of general anxiety is in line with the scientific one, but what I mean here is when you feel constantly anxious, even when you are not doing anything extraordinary. You might be just sitting on your bed or cooking or carrying out your usual duties at work or anything else. The point is that you know there is no reason to feel anxious, there are no stressors around, but still, you feel that your stomach is trembling, that your legs are not strong enough to keep you on your feet and that you only want to lie down in your bed, however, you know that even there you’d be facing the same uncomfortable feeling. It’s kind of a very intense feeling of stress, which becomes scary because it causes you physiological symptoms and you start questioning whether you are ok. This gives you a sense of uncertainty making you worried about your health, your future, your existence..

My experience is that these periods are usually signs of having gone through an (emotionally) intense period. This is how your body signals that you’ve reached your limits, time to sit back, evaluate the situation and change whatever needs to be changed in you or in your life.

Here are some tips on how to make these periods occur less often, or when they do, how to make them seem less scary and use them to develop yourself instead of letting them set you back.

Get stronger!

Attend therapy
Dedicate time for yourself
Educate yourself about your problems
Read self-help books
Have structure in your life
Get enough sleep
Unfriend alcohol
Lose something important

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  1. Very deep and interesting post! Everybody is going through these kind of moments and it is always good to know you are not alone facing up this situation.

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