This is agoraphobia

Agoraphobia in my interpretation is a very intense fear of getting into situations you cannot get out of, or cannot get out of without embarrassing yourself, or a fear of situations where you are unable to get help in case you need it.

Here’s what I mean:

  • flights: you cannot get out
  • giving a speech: you cannot get out without embarrassing yourself
  • roadtrip in the middle of the desert: you are unable to get help in case you need it
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How to cope with agoraphobia

Make sure you keep ‘help’ by your side at all moments
Take a deep breath and a pill, and defeat your fear
Challenge yourself
Place yourself in a bigger plan
Be patient with yourself
Listen to yourself
Stick to your routines when you are scared
Log the evolution of your fear
Progressive muscle relaxation

I can’t promise that all of these techniques will work for everyone. However, what I do know is that for me these little tricks together turned out to be helpful, and this package lead me to be able to have the lifestyle I’m having now, where fear is no longer the center of my thoughts.

In case some of the techniques are new to you, they might be worth a try, hopefully they’ll spare some bad moments for you. However, only stick to them if you feel comfortable about them. Either way, I’d be happy to learn how you’re doing with or without using these techniques, so feel free to get in touch if you’d like to share something with just me or with all the readers, I’ll appreciate it.

P.S.: Agoraphobia is a bitch, but it gets way less scary once you learn how to deal with it. So go outside, meet people, travel, take planes and do whatever you’re dreaming of doing… and remember, the worst that can happen is that you panic, but panic will always be just panic…

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