When someone feels they are not unique enough, like they can’t offer enough ‘coolness’ to the world, agoraphobia can be a way to stand out of the crowd, to feel special in a way.
I know this is not a popular idea among people living with agoraphobia, because of course it’s a terrible thing and the worst thing is to hear when someone says you are ‘just doing this to get more attention’.

Well, first of all you are not doing it, it’s not something you chose to deal with. And probably you don’t even want more attention, right? Now I’m not saying anyone is doing anything agoraphobic-like on purpose. What I’m saying is rather something like you might be sticking to it because at the end this condition is giving you a reason to feel, even if the feeling is terrifying.

By evoking feelings other than the usual ‘little sad or little happy’, both you and your life will feel more interesting for yourself and (in your mind) for others as well. Feelings are exciting, mostly for those who have problems both experiencing and showing them. What else could make you and your life more exciting than having a condition which is all about emotions?!

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