At the end of the day you are afraid of situations because you learnt to be afraid of them. Some time in your past you taught to your brain that some situations are dangerous for you because they had made you panic or you believed that they would make you panic.

Then as you learnt you had to handle these situations with fearful anticipation and a panic attack, these processes started to automatically click in every time when entering the situation was approaching. Now if this is really something you learnt, can you somehow unlearn it? Like if you learnt how to play the piano, what can you do to make this skill disappear in a way that within one month or two you would be sitting in front of a piano without any idea what to do with it?

Once I saw a video about a man who made a special bike with a steering wheel that worked exactly the opposite way than the normal bikes. You turned the steering wheel to the right and the bike turned to the left. It doesn’t seem to be such a big deal, but actually at the beginning he kept falling and it took him several weeks to be able to ride that bike without falling. So he got used to his new bike, used it for a while every day. Then when he wanted to switch back to the original bike, guess what, he couldn’t stay stable for more than 5 meters.
So… what I wanted to say with this is that I think unlearning such a firm skill as riding a bike or playing the piano or even being afraid of certain situations is only possible if you replace the skill with something else, so the skill doesn’t just magically disappear but it rather transforms into something else.

I think this is mostly adoptable for the anticipatory fear of agoraphobic people, in a way that instead of being terrified by having to enter a situation, you rather think about the situation as something pleasant. Now I know this sounds very simple and easy to say, but to be totally honest I still haven’t figured out how to do this in practice. Ping me by email if you have any good strategies in mind that worked for you (or you think would work for you if you had agoraphobia), meaning you managed to unlearn your fear.